Ecopoint: Antartica Mei Glitch Fix Coming Soon

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Recently there’s been a very annoying Overwatch glitch on Ecopoint: Antarctica’s with it’s main character, Mei.

Players have discovered a way to become “invincible” while still having the ability to pump out damage to the enemy team.

Overwatch principal level designer, Dave Adams, has recently responded on the official Forums:

So it seems Blizzard keeps very good track of the community of Overwatch.

They’re really doing their best at taking care of problems and bugs which have been proven to be game-changing and in this case unfair for the opposing team. Just like they did with Roadhog’s hook and now the Mei wall glitch fix.

Hopefully they will take care of it as soon as possible, since players have been avoiding the 3v3 game mode in Arcade and even the Mei Snowball winterevent.