London Spitfire becomes the Overwatch League champion

Today, after several stages, the Overwatch League season came to an end, with London Spitfire crowning the champion.

Although the entire season was complex and in the playoffs we saw the disqualification of the favorite New York Excelsior, the finals were unbalanced. Spitfire won with a 3-0 win over Philadelphia Fusion, who were unable to defend themselves.

With this, Spitfire won the opening season Overwatch League championship and claimed a huge $1 MDD prize. Obviously, this is only the beginning for the team, as they in the following seasons will have to show that they are strong, consistent and have the ability to continue as champions. If you missed the game you can check the replay on Twitch.

Philadelphia Fusion won $400,000 USD for 2nd place. The team surprised everyone in the playoffs when they disqualified the favorite team, New York Execelsior. This gave Fusion a boost, but it seems that their confidence got out of hand, as it wasn’t enough to defend against Spitfire.

With the season over, Blizzard Entertainment is now working on the start of the second season. We may see new players and the arrival of new teams, that may occur in the coming weeks.

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