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Overwatch Introduces Endorsements To Reward Sporting Behavior

Blizzard is working hard on the digital road to keep Overwatch fun for everyone, especially after a rise of toxicity. Earlier, the company started to take action against toxic players to discourage unsportsmanlike behavior. After all of that, Jeff Kaplan, head of the Overwatch team, announced new features that reward sporting behavior.

The key word is Endorsements. After a match ends, you get the opportunity to reward players for the way they played. There are three categories for this. Was a teammate or an opponent exceptionally nice and sporty? Then you can point out others to his Sportsmanship. when a fellow player stood out because of his teamwork, you will label him as Good Teammate. Finally, you can reward a constructive leadership role by calling that person a Shot Caller.

Blizzard wants to make the Endorsement system as visible as possible so that you immediately know which players can offer you a good playing experience. Players who score consistently well can count on rewards. Your Endorsement level can also drop, so that players continuously show the best of themselves. If you are suspended or otherwise punished by the Overwatch team, you will immediately lose all your Endorsement points.

Kaplan also reports that Looking For Group is finally coming to Overwatch. Interestingly, you can indicate in advance which roles you are looking for. For example, if you want a Tank to complete your team, then it is possible to make only the Tank option available as group leader.

Finally, Attack and Defense heroes will from now on be known under a new heading: DAMAGE! You can also limit the visibility of your profile to yourself, only your friends or open to everyone. The long-awaited Symmetra re-work (she becomes an attacking hero) arrives with the next patch. The Horizon Lunar Colony map will also undergo a number of changes.

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