New skins for the anniversary event announced!

As some of you might know, Overwatch’s big anniversary event will take place from 22 May to 12 June 2018. Besides a new Deathmatch-Map with its own ranking list, eleven additional skins are promised. One of them – the pirate outfit for Junkrat – was unveiled by Blizzard Entertainment earlier this week.

The developers have now announced additional skins! Blizzard Entertainment has released a short video via Twitter that shows you a new skin for the offensive hero Soldier: 76, which will go by the name Venom Soldier: 76.

In the video, we can first see the offensive hero Soldier: 76 in his standard blue outfit. And a moment later, he changes his clothes and suddenly stands in front of you in stunning looking turquoise clothes and a special helmet. This theme looks really cool and reminded us of the main character from Dead Space. Flashbacks anyone?

15 hours after this announcement, Blizzard posted the announcement for yet another skin, which we all looked forward to seeing.

As described in the tweet and seem in the video, this is yet another astonishing looking outfit, this time for the offensive character Tracer. The skin goes by the name “Lighting Tracer”, follows a yellowish theme inspired by lightning (obviously). Also, she seems to have been given a new haircut and hair color. We think it looks fresh, and a perfect timing for this style since summer is coming up!

What do you think about these new skins? Tell us in the comments below!

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