Overwatch Patch July 24: What’s To Follow – Part 3 (Bug Fixes)

The final remark of the Overwatch patch notes of the 24th of July comes along with a wide list of bug fixes on aspects of the game that were deemed problematic. Though considering that such a list focuses on minor, unimportant fixes of rare issues as well, the most notable of bug fixes are best to be featured.

On a general remark, there were some general updates on display and activity which involved:

  • Added a note to Sombra’s Hero Information page about her ability to remove her own Translocator
  • Removed the Shield Generators Destroyed statistic from players’ Career Profiles
  • Added a button that allows you to queue into the selected game mode once the group becomes full
  • Added a button to relist groups in the LFG browser when the group has empty role slots

To the more troubleshooting part:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the group leader’s UI to appear that they’re canceling or leaving Waiting for Players when using a controller
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving an AFK warning for not moving after receiving the No XP warning for not being in combat

For custom games:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented groups electing to spectate from being placed into the Spectator section of the Custom Game they’re trying to watch

Regarding Endorsements:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Team Information screen to display an Endorsement level of a player who left the game
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Endorsement input from opening the Endorsement tray if it shared that input with another input

Lastly, for when looking for a group:

  • Fixed a bug that caused all game modes to be selectable when adding a player to a group
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Choose Roles menu from offering a default role when accessed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented role icons from displaying on hero portraits
  • Fixed a bug that allowed two players were able to queue for the same Looking for Group spot

It is expected, alongside other minor fixes and a wide list of hero fixes that the above changes will enhance the player experience. For such information, the Overwatch information containing there patch notes, including the above bug fixes and more can be found here.

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