Pro Overwatch Player Suspended!

Just as the title says, pro overwatch player Daniel “Dafran”  Francesca, the top 5 player in the world of PC overwatch, has been suspended from all current competitive play.

This means, he can not continue to compete in the current season 5, and he cannot continue to compete in “Overwatch Contenders” for season zero or season one. He has also been booted from his team Selfless’ roster, indefinitely.

As of late, Dafran has been very controversial in the Overwatch scene. He had a tendancy to lose on purpose when playing competitive, aka throwing nearly all of his games.  And it all finally came crashing down on him last night, when he openly admitted to throwing games, while he was streaming a very lewd scene from the game Nekopara over his gameplay. He also had been screaming about getting banned on twitch, (Warning: This clip is NSFW.) and he was also doing many other things to be considered a thrower on his team. (i.e. leaping off ledges).

Many players in the Overwatch community had made some threads on Blizzards offical forms and on the Overwatch subreddit. Basically, everyone is furious with Dafran. Getting a whole fanbase built up and going around saying you’re “proud” of them if they throw, is bullshit, and we all know how unfair it can be to have someone throwing on our team.

“Upon further VOD review of Dafran’s behavior, especially this past night, we have found his actions to be completely unacceptable, and in clear violation of Blizzard’s rules around player conduct, in addition to our own expectations of player/teammate conduct. Blizzard has also reviewed the case and has suspended Dafran’s account from Competitive Play for the duration of Season 5.” read a post on Selfless’ website. While we are not sure how long Dafrans suspension would be, we hope that maybe he will learn his lesson when it comes to just throwing games and giving up entirely.

“As fans of the game and its competitive scene, we appreciate Blizzard’s quick and righteous decision. We apologize to our fans, the Overwatch community, and any/all persons and players impacted by Dafran’s actions.” Selfless added.




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