Terry Crews Paid A Visit To Blizzard! Will He Voice ‘Doomfist’ !?

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Crews teasing us with a pic of himself in front of the Overwatch sign at Blizzard Entertainment.

Is Terry about to become a Voice actor for Overwatch?

“LOVED my visit with the geniuses at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT today, and meeting the creators of one of my favorite games! OVERWATCH! LETS GO!” – Terry

Is it really happening? Fans would LOVE to see Crews taking the role of Doomfist upon him, the hero with a massive, deadly gauntlet. With Crews visiting Blizzard’s HQ, rumors continue to spread among the Overwatch fanbase.
The Doomfist moniker has been held by three Overwatch characters, so far. Blizzard has hinted that in the future, the character may become a playable hero. If this comes to pass, the hero character will be aware of the previous incarnations, though not necessarily affiliated with them.

A museum in the city of Numbani celebrates three versions of the character that have already appeared as shows on the image below.

So, what would it sound like if Terry stepped into an Overwatch role? Luckily, a loving fan has already made a video that can help us imagine exactly how that might sound.

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