The Overwatch Competitive Season 3 Rewards

Season 3 Coming To An End

Season 3 of Competitive Play on Overwatch is soon coming to an end. Each season, according to Blizzard, lasts two and a half months and when ending, players receive their rewards. As usual the rewards are a special Player Icon, Spray and Competitive Points which can be spent on getting that Golden Weapon for your most loved hero.
When you’re in Top 500 however, you’ll also be invited to join the (unofficial) professional OverwatchI Discord server. These players get a shot at signing in on a professional team.
For now, the only thing you can get through Competitive Points, are the Golden Weapons. In the future, however, according to Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan, they “would like to add some more rewards to the system.”
If you’re one of the people who’d likes to save up the Competitive Points for any future rewards, be careful. Kaplan also states that “New items are not going to happen at all for Season 3. Probably not for Season 4 either. And if you’re active, you’ll hit that 6000cp cap before we add new stuff.”
Now, for most of the players, this isn’t a problem since they’ll not have as many points yet, and one weapon already comes at a very expensive price of 3000 Competitive Points. But, when you’re an Overwatch diehard and you’ve been reaching Master or Grandmaster in different seasons, you can quickly earn 2000 – 3000 points per season, as shown in this image below.
For which hero are you going to get your Golden Weapon?
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