Torb & Reinhardt changes coming?

With all of the hullabaloo going on with wrecking ball, A.K,A Hammond, you may have missed some of the more minor things that Blizard has announced as changes that could be happening. As well as somg cross-platform hints, that may or may not be coming soon.

A couple things that were mentioned in the video (created by Your Overwatch) were regarding his “charge” ability and how it effects opponents in real time. The ability itself seems to be lacking due to latency issue. Long story short, its hard to affect another player when their latency is higher/lower then yours. another thing they said they were trying to his was his ultimate, “earthshatter”. there wasn’t much speculation on it, though. mostly saying that his ultimate itself, was buggy. and it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to fix what they want to fix. not in time for the next update, unfortunately.


And of course, what you all have been waiting for, Torbjorn.

In this video (also created by Your Overwatch) they stated that they would be giving him something like symmetra, where they made her ultimate a normal cool down ability, and gave her something else for her ultimate. In Torbs case, they would want to make his ultimate a cool down ability, that only affects him. They also spoke of his turret, and its auto leveling and auto aiming qualities. Maybe the turret will be controlled by the palyer in the future? Its all up in the air right now, and we may not see many changes for a while.

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