Amazon Decides To Replace Stolen PS5s

Justice is now served, for the most part. Well that is, if the e-mail Amazon has been sending out would actually have some follow through. Several release day PS5 buyers who didn’t get their consoles as expected due to shenanigans with their drivers has recently gotten an e-mail with regards to having their PS5s replaced, re-shipped, and hopefully their faiths restored.

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November has brought the dawn of a Sony scandal no one would ever forget- as people received toys, food, among other things that shouldn’t be there (some even got nothing at all) instead of the next-gen Playstation console. Amazon promised an investigation of the incident, ultimately leading to have the console be replaced in a e-mail sent to those who they have brought much hassle towards.

If you’ve read through the e-mail and was wondering what was the “Charge” part all about after all the hassle they’ve given, it’s because most of the orders were settled in refunds and vouchers to make up for the lost PS5. Albeit it doesn’t really make up for all the hassle, the time, the effort, energy, and the grieving for losses, it’s the only solution that they can offer.

Sadly enough, even if the issue above was the case for Mr. Anthony Dickens, other Twitter users have been commenting that CS reps have been denying them of replacing their missing PS5s. An Amazon spokesperson cleared this out, outright swerving over the isolated issues and saying that the replacements really aren’t for everyone. At the end of the day, the re-stocking issue still looms as a problem.

What do you think of Amazon’s line of action? Let us know in the comments section below!

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