Amazon Surprises PS5 Users With A GIFT

Sony fans, thank Jeff Bezos! Amazon has been sending out e-mails to PS5 users recently, offerings gifts that are quite hard to say no to. Call it a scheme to make up for all the lost PS5 units that came from their delivery service, this little coupon is a small price to pay for all the hassle they brought amidst the height of 2020s console wars.

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The case happened specifically for Amazon UK, sending Playstation Plus discount codes at 25% off for a year of membership – that is, if you purchased your unit from the aforementioned retailer. That 10 pound ($15) is surely a tasty treat that’s hard to say no to, especially that it wields the pressure of purchase as it expires on January 31, 2021.

PlayStation 5 Console: PC & Video Games

There’s actually no hard in availing, especially that the subscription stacks and the price of an annual subscription barely falls at $45 or below. So, why the heck not right?

Have you gotten the e-mail? Would you avail? Let us know in the comments section below!

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