Black Friday Looks Good for Playstation and It’s Fans

The Black Friday Sale of ultimate devastation is upon us all again. Are your carts and bodies ready for this untimely destruction of all things morally and politically correct? With Playstation 5 hitting the shelves once again in lieu of the season, price cuts have also been added accordingly for fans, enthusiasts, and neophytes of the console alike.

PS5 Now Lists Black Friday Sale in PS Store, But No Deals Section Yet -  Push Square

With Nintendo and Microsoft well-geared going into this year’s Black Friday Sale despite the massive onslaught of COVID-19 and the need for people to not be so rabid about shopping, Sony has backed them up with as 70% off on most of their hit titles for the PS4 and PS5 until 11/30. An additional 25% off a year’s worth of subscription to Playstation Plus is also up for grabs, and this includes old titles, newly released titles, and even the ever so famous Playstation Plus Collection for the PS5.

With most stores having physical stocks of the consoles in-store by the time the actual sale hits the shelves, would you be there to line up and try to get your hands on this ever so elusive console? Let us know in the comments section below!

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