Black PS5 Gets Cancelled Due To “Staff Threats”

Another clear example of how overly eager fans ruin things for themselves. Remember Cyberpunk 2077 death threats? I guess we all couldn’t forget how half-baked of a game was the result of such belligerency. Weirdly enough, it happened to SUP3R5 too, and their $200 more expensive version of a PS2 30th Anniversary PS5.

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The consoles sold out in only 20 minutes, as SUP3R5’s website struggled with keeping everything at bay. Worse, some people’s cards got charged despite having no confirmation on procuring a console. But the real clicher of it all was having the units be scalped on eBay just a few minutes after release and with a price roughly double of the current selling price. A statement was released by SUP3R5 on Twitter regarding the issue:

Their best foot forward was to cancel, as the people on their team are currently being threatened because of the re-skinned next-gen Sony console.

As far as modding the PS5 goes, we have seen a dealer try to push out skins late last year – which ended with things getting adjacent to a Sony lawsuit. Canadian company Dbrand thinks otherwise, as they are pushing to put out designed PS5 faceplates soon enough. As for a lawsuit, their retort was: “We encourage them to try.” A caption on its Reddit post also reads: “sue us, Sony.”

Are you getting your PS5 re-skinned too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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