Dumb Driver Caught Stealing PS5 on CCTV

There’s a certain art that comes with becoming a criminal, and this Amazon delivery driver sure doesn’t have that “it” factor. A driver was recently reported stealing a PS5 over a CCTV, as it can clearly be seen on video that the driver attempted to deliver every package with the PS5 going back into the van.

Jenni Walker had since then posted the video both on Facebook and Twitter, tagging all that needs to be tagged for the said incident. Walker had then attempted to file a report on Amazon, only getting herself a fair share of canned responses and a 5 pound compensation gift card. Eventually, it was turned into a refund a 50 pounds in compensation, which definitely does not make up for how hard the console can be acquired and found in these times. Walker’s daughter then went directly to the depot, showed the boss the video, and got the driver in question fired. But, is that really worth it? I mean, they still haven’t managed to get themselves the PS5. What a disgusting world we live in.

Las PS5 reservadas en Amazon corren riesgo de no llegar para el lanzamiento

The entire release of new-gen consoles from the Playstation 5 and including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hasn’t really been so smoothly handled by Amazon. Despite all their releases of statements, there have been a lot of issues regarding delays, stealings, delivery issues, and of course, stocks. Bots aside, it has been so annoying to deal with delivery people messing with orders just because they figure out they can get away with it. As Amazon fails to be hard on this one, more issues ensue moving forward.

What do you think of Amazon’s dealings towards this entire next-gen console debacle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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