Ghost of Tsushima: Legends for PS4 Coming this Fall 2020; Features Online Co-Op Mode

Ever since the release of Ghost of Tsushima for the PS4 last July 2020, there have been a lot of rave reviews, streams and gameplays that came out in the most pleasant manner forward – as it fills in the longing of people from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Ninja Gaiden while also improving and making itself be set apart as it’s own thing. Heck, there’s no lie in saying that this game is a heavy candidate for Game of The Year 2020, with only Cyberpunk 2077 standing in its way for the title. (But of course, we’ve yet to see if that game rocks or flops.)

Time skip to few months later, the team over at Sucker Punch comes back to repackage and re-deliver the game in the best way possible – making sure not to scam and piss off any fans or future players. The Fall 2020 release for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has just been announced last August 18, 2020, and the internet has both been hyped, curious, and confused on over what is going on.

To start you off with the important details, the new game mode is actually a free online co-op mode that comes with the PS4 exclusive. The developer Sucker Punch Productions has promised to never offer micro transactions in this spin-off, as all in-game content can only be unlocked through playing further.

Moving into the nitty-gritty of it all, Legends is a departure from the quest of Jin Sakai and his colleagues. This all-new campaign circumvents on the story of four warriors that are considered to be legends in Tsushima, as you’d have them hacking and slashing yet once again through enemies and locations that are derivative of Japanese mythology and folk.

The new mode is not a single-player campaign, as you can only play it online through co-op with a matchmaking system between 2 to 4 players at a time. The four warriors are sub-divided into four classes, the Samurai, Ronin, Assassin, and the Hunter – all of which boasts a different set of skills and play style. Cumulatively speaking, the role assigned to a player would be crucial as a certain sync with the fellow player is needed to be successful in any mission.

A two-player mode is offered that will have you battling through story missions all across Tsushima, while the 4-player mode on the other hand offers survival missions that give off enemies in waves. Of course, before we forget, they even added supernatural enemies called Oni that will surely be a test of your skill and patience.

Sucker Punch also teased a bit of foresight in the Legends release, stating that a “four-player raid” option will be released soon. This feature allows for you to play a mode wherein the four of you will try and defeat a boss-type enemy that’s strong enough to have you by your knees with the occasional luck of surviving and actually winning.

So what do you think? Are you just as hyped as we are? We’ll never forget how hard we had it in the first release, making it seem as if Jin Sakai didn’t know nothing just because we were the one controlling. Well for sure, this is going to be just as big of a blast, and it would definitely ensure Sucker Punch several more accolades along with a clearer chance towards being Game Of The Year.

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