Jim Ryan Explains The PS5 Price Announcement Delay

There is a lot to uncover in this statement, as there is more than one thing going contrary to popular belief. Remember how people were throwing conspiracy theories and speculations all around since the PS5 still hasn’t released a price against the Xbox Series X and Series S? People were quick to presume that the delays were due to a ton of waiting to easily compete with Microsoft, while others believed that there is an ongoing problem with PS5 parts in their supply chain. Well, Jim Ryan says otherwise.

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The SIE CEO reveals that the prices for both the disc and digital versions of the PS5 was determined early in 2020, even before the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire lockdown shenanigans took place. People were quick to presume that Sony was taking into consideration the lessened household budgets and the general difficulty to put out restocks on stores. Well, they thought wrong. Although re-stocking and deliveries were always an issue with the PS5, it’s far from being the reason for the PS5’s price to be what it is today. The disc version was always $499 and the digital version was always $399, its really just that the stars have aligned for them to make the numbers look good enough to go against Microsoft even if the Xbox Series X and Series S went into an earlier price reveal.

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Moving forward, the only problem that seems to lie for this next-gen behemoth would be to cater to the public’s overwhelming demand. So far, re-stocks from every major supplier are underway for the holiday season so keep your eyes peeled at websites if you still want or need to cop yourself a copy of this console.

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