Long-Awaited PS5 Feature Has Been Leaked

Sony fans, rejoice! A slip from Playstation France has shown a glimmer of hope for something you have all been looking out for a long time now: TROPHY PROGRESS.

The PlayStation 5 is two months away with no price in sight – what's taking  so long? | NME

Hardcore gamers have always been looking out for a way to check on how well they’re doing into earning a trophy, as some transparency is needed when going about in finishing the game.

Sony will reportedly announce more PlayStation 5 news this month

The funny thing about this is that Playstation France has since then deleted the post regarding the leak. Here’s the verbatim account of what they had to say: “Track your progress on your PS5 console,” read the original post from PlayStation Blog France. “On PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to track your progress toward earning individual trophies for compatible PS5 games. For example, sometimes you will see how many Artifacts you have left to collect, or how many Armor Upgrades you need to get before unlocking the Trophy.”

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Are you happy about this generous update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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