Man From Utah orders Scalper PS5, Gets Concrete Instead

An eBay scalper decided to push out a “PS5” for roughly double the price. At $878, a man from Orem, Utah decided to take his chances given the scarcity of the product. Lo and behold, upon arrival the next-gen console was nowhere to be seen inside the box. Instead, a concrete block was sent in the stead of the hard to buy PS5.

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People have been going out of their to scam people over the PS5 – from Amazon drivers, eBay scalpers, and groups who get stocks in bulk and throw them back at society for a hefty amount of profit. Luckily enough, the buyer-seller protection of eBay worked on the Utah man’s side, issuing him a refund and assuring him that the seller would be reprimanded accordingly.

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Moving forward, what people could only do is be more cautious with their purchases. Background checks and spots on feedback scores are important especially for luxury items such as this.

What do you think of this scam? Let us know in the comments section below!

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