New DualSense controllers have multi-colored LEDs for Multiplayer Use

The new DualSense definitely proved that it’s more than meets the eye, as it offers a cool LED variation for multiplayer purposes. has recently released some up-close photos of the PS5 in full function, and this has been the dead giveaway everyone has noticed.

It’s actually pretty cool, as you can easily sort out who’s who when it comes to multiplayer especially that all controllers look alike. It may be a small touch, but it surely gets the point across. The new controllers offer double the battery life, and the blue-red-green-purple lighting scheme for multiplayer options has also been confirmed.

With the release of the PS5 coming closer and closer, the hype just doesn’t seem to ends so easy. Microsoft has also been doing their part in pushing the Xbox to the market, but the press hasn’t been so friendly. The entire console war thing this year hasn’t been made so easy due to the COVID situation, as pre-orders have been messing up from all over with only the companies saying sorry to make up for the screw up.

There’s also a lot of new features on the new DualSense, so better get your hands on it on November 12 if you haven’t managed a pre-order. Are you copping this or an Xbox Series X/S? Let us know in the comments section below!

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