Playstation 5 Showcase Announced – 09/16/20

Finally, we got word from Sony on the official news regarding the Playstation 5. This time, we’re getting everything straight from the horse’s mouth!

The stream will happen live on September 16 at exactly 1PM PDT at the official YouTube and Twitch channels of Playstation itself. The entire thing would run for 40 minutes, clarifying all the misconceptions, rumours, and guesses that have surrounded the console. If anything, it’s a power move towards Microsoft’s aggresion towards them upon the early releases of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S prices.

With still no final call on the release date and price of the PS5 for the longest time and the only event from Playstation was last June only to reveal the design, this just might be it folks. Wednesday just might be the day that would let you have your thoughts cleared into getting yourself either the Playstation 5 or the Xbox Series X.

We will have you updated as more news unfolds.

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