PS4 Pro Gets Delisted On Playstation Direct

To many Sony fans’ dismay, the PS4 Pro gets phased out from the Playstation Direct store. With PS5 stocks far from normalizing soon enough and people raving and expecting for the PS4 Pro prices to drop accordingly as it settles back as an old-gen console, it gets discontinued and eventually delisted from it’s official store.

This also goes for the normal version of the PS4, with fans dismayed as they were more eager to buy something within reach and is more affordable. The PS5 did make up for it with the PS Plus Collection, but with the super intense tribulation you have to pass through in acquiring and procuring yourself a unit, it might just not be worth it (especially with scalpers on the loose at large!)

PS4 Pro No Longer Being Sold By Sony On PlayStation Direct

When all is been said and done, might as well cop a second hand or maybe even from a partner store instead. What do you think of this phase out issue? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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