PS5 Home Screen and Storage Info GETS LEAKED

With Sony pushing out several units of the PS5 for people to garner pre-release reactions, the startup screen and storage info seems to have leaked. It may not be saying much, but it definitely shows A LOT.

Thanks to Redditor wsb_BernieMadoff, we can now see how long the start up screen is along with the UI. A little gem in the video also shows a black DualSense controller, showing possibilities of having a black PS5 unit too. Only thing is, the video seems to boast a development kit, meaning this probably won’t be in the market any time soon or even forever. On the other hand, there’s Twitter user Okami13_ who gave us all a peek of the PS5’s storage info.

He definitely gives everything off in the dirtiest monitor as possible, but it clearly shows that everyone would have roughly 664GB of storage to work with. This easily puts the Xbox Series X at the forefront by having roughly 820GB of workable storage in tow.

Okami also has their version of the homescreen and general UI, which doesn’t look too far from the one on Reddit. This could only mean that he’s also taking pics from a development kit and things would definitely change upon release.

So are you hyped? The PS5 comes out November 12, with the Digital Version at $400 and the disc-ready version at $500. Are you copping this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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