PS5 Scalpers Have “no regrets” Over Their 3500 Units Acquired

Obnoxious as it may be, a group of scalpers have been more than proud with acquiring 3500 units of the PS5 as people were so eager to get their hands on it at the dawn of Black Friday. What a bunch of assholes.

CrepChiefNotify has been more than proud of this asinine achievement, flexing the ton of consoles that they were able to flip for a 100 pounds more than usual. They have denied the use of bots to do this, as they have told us that they’re only getting the consoles manually and by their own sheer talent. As the 12 person team currently had made 2 million pounds in profit total from the claimed 2472 consoles they have sold.

The rationale of the group’s morally ambiguous doing relies solely on their previous financial struggles, as this asinine act apparently had put “food on their table” even going as far to state that if a child may wake up with no PS5, other children wake up to nothing. They’re framing it as if it was a fight against the rich, overlooking the fact that they’re just being assholes.

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The next gen console sees no probability in having a more stable and secure restocking system despite putting out units at every upcoming holidays and sales, making it a rather unfortunate time to try and cop yourself a unit just to play their exclusive tie-in games. So moving forward, I guess let’s just see CrepChiefNotify in hell.

What do you think of the scalper group? Would you like to be in their shoes or would you rather beat them up with shoes? Let us know in the comments section below!

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