PS5 Shortage At Launch Due To Production Issues

A key processor seems to have been causing problems for the PS5 productions, cutting almost four million units prior to release. Sad as it is to say, but people might actually have a harder time in trying to get their hands on Sony’s magnum opus as the holiday arrives.

The initial forecast for the stocks were roughly at 14 million but had gradually been cut to 11 million instead. The worldwide success of the PS5 would definitely be affected by this, especially that the numbers don’t seem to match up that well with the PS4.

Games Inbox: What will the PS5 price be? | Metro News

With the PS5 microchip’s production being cut to 50% due to issues, stores have also conducted a one console per person policy so as not to induce stock shortages too early into the release. With Microsoft successfully releasing the Xbox Series X and Series S prices, it’s time for Sony to make a move and show the world what they got.

Are you seeing the Sony PS5 showcase tomorrow too? Let us know in the comments section below.

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