PS5 Start-Up Sound Found in Burger King Promo Ad

A Burger King announcement this week is teasing a Sony collab like no other. The telltale signs are apparent, given that Whoppers don’t ever glow blue nor do they make PS5 start-up sounds. The ad has recently been posted up on Twitter.

The collaboration has then been confirmed and solidified by Sony, quote-tweeting the aforementioned ad.

Funnily enough, it gives the fans an ample peek into the start-up sound of the PS5. So from October 15 to November 22, be prepared to rack up tokens by chomping on Whoppers non-stop so you’d get the chance to win Playstation Now subscriptions, food coupons, Playstation games, or the PS5 console itself. Hard segue, just to add as proof, the same sound found in the Burger King ad above can also be seen and heard in this tidbit that Sony had sneaked into their Future of Gaming Showcase last June.

So get that Burger King app now, avail the appropriate promos, and start scratching those digital cards off to get yourself that free PS5 console. Getting a $500 console free for eating flame-grilled burgers doesn’t seem too bad a deal, right?

PS5: 1000 consoles provided, a loopy contest at Burger King

So, are you availing this promo? Let us know in the comments section below!

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