Sony Bans PS4 Players Exploiting PS Plus Collection Loophole

PS5 players have found a way to make good use of the PS5 and their Playstation Plus Collection subscription, as they sell to PS4 users all 20 games in the well-hyped library that brings the old-gen games into the new-gen console.

PS5 owners are exploiting a loophole to sell the PS Plus Collection to PS4  owners •

PS5 owners have gone to eBay in hopes to shell out more copies of the Playstation Plus Collection that was supposed to be a new-gen exclusive. The trick into doing it was to log in the PS4 accounts into the PS5, as this unlocks the collection into the PS4 account. Sadly, Sony has taken notice of this loophole and moved forward with banning the PS4 players who partake in such an activity.

A two month ban will be endured by the PS4 players, while PS5 players on the other hand would be barred from partaking in network-related activities. Although, the ban seems to be looming more on the fact that multiple users have logged into the account within the day rather than Sony actually taking notice of the exploit.

PlayStation Plus: Celebrating 1 Year of the Instant Game Collection –  PlayStation.Blog

As for further updates regarding the Playstation Plus Collection, Jim Ryan the SIE CEO stated that there hasn’t been any plans on expounding the collection so far. They are awaiting for how the crowd receives the series, but is clear on not going for the Xbox Game Pass route in distributing games moving forward.

What do you think of this exploit? Have you gotten yourself a PS5 by now? Let us know in the comments section below!

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