Sony SHUTS DOWN Third-Party PS5 Color Custom Company

Oh boy! Would it actually hurt to have some color on the black-and-white PS5? Or does Sony feel like they’ve been usurped too early? What’s up with a multi-million dollar company trying to shut down someone who just wants the PS5 to look cooler by changing the color of it’s panels and mid-section? That’s greedy of you, Sony!

Previously named the Plate Station and was attacked for several copyright issues within the pun, Customize My Plates was then further forced to just quit on the company altogether -issuing refunds for all the items that they’ve sold so far. The idea was that you can get a set of custom, beautifully colored panels for your PS5 for only $40. But Sony doesn’t seem like they’d be taking any of it soon.

Unofficial PS5 Faceplate Business Cancels Orders After Threat of Legal  Action from Sony - Push Square

VGC Sony’s lawyers claimed that the company would end up in court if they continued on pushing out the panels, that’s why now they are currently only selling skins. What an abysmal downgrade! Of course we’ve all seen how easy it was to pull out the side panels and change it to this new one, but why resort to skins? It’s not like they’re the easiest things to install! The fuck is up, Sony? Would you be needing more money when November 12, the release of the next-gen PS5 comes? What gives?

PlateStation 5: Sony Kills PS5 Faceplate Company for Trademark Infringement  - The FPS Review

What do you think of this sad corporate cockblock? Is it really as bad as we think it is? Or are there any future repercussions for Sony that this product may bring without us seeing? Let us know in the comments section below!

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