Map selection possible?!

PUBG Corp. announced that “soon” we’ll be able to choose which one we want to play. “The map selector is something that the community has been asking us continuously for a long time“, says the managers from a blog post on the game within the Steam community.

One of the problems discussed is that matchmaking time possibly will increase. “We take your feedback very seriously, but we also want to think calmly about all the changes we implement in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We knew that the selection of maps could cause some problems which we have to take into serious consideration” – making it clear that they are concerned about fragmenting the community. “We’ve analyzed millions of games, and we’ve taken the time to make sure a possible choice of maps doesn’t break the game. We want to be absolutely sure that we find a solution that is valid for any region, even for those with few players”.

How it’s gonna work is that you with a click select the maps you wanna play. Maps you don’t wanna play can be deselected. One of the selected maps will then randomly be chosen before every match is started.

According to the announcement, most work on this new feature is finished and will be implemented soon after it’s tested out.

You can follow the official Steam thread here:

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