The Red Dead Online beta is finally available to everyone, we take a look at the game modes!
As you know, Red Dead Online, the multiplayer of the fantastic Red Dead Redemption 2, launched only a few days ago in a very privileged public beta version, first reserved for Ultimate version owners and then for those who launched the game between October 26 and 29. Four days later, this revisited version of Rockstar’s dazzling Far West is ready to be enjoyed by as many people as possible: it has, so to speak, been available for everyone for a few hours. Excellent news for players who have already sanded Arthur Morgan’s adventure, even though it is a damn time-consuming one, and who would be looking for a second saving breath.

We remind you that Red Dead Online will follow in the footsteps of the famous GTA Online, itself a multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V, and which has enjoyed an great success since its release in 2013. Thus, we will find some striking elements such as the presence of a real history supported by kinematics, a thorough evolution of our character and the possibility to explore the open world in its entirety. Moreover, this is an excellent opportunity to review the different game modes and, yes, there is a lot of… Battle Royale.

Each Weapon Counts

The Battle Royale, which brings together 32 players in a space that narrows as the game progresses. Weapons are not common (bow and throwing knives are counted) and jousting takes place in the Tall Trees, Strawberry, Saint-Denis, and Stillwater areas.

Favorite weapon

The more difficult the weapons are to handle, the more points they earn when you eliminate an opponent. The games take place in Lanik Electrical, Heartland Oil Fields, Tall Trees, and Annesburg.


It is the equivalent of a Territory Capture of which everyone knows the rules. The games take place in Blackwater, Heartland Oil Fields, Tumbleweed, Bolger Glade and Rhodes.

Public enemy

The goal is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. The problem is that the more we chain kills, the more the premium on our head increases, which naturally fuels the envy of the other participants. Saint-Denis, Thieves Landing, Tall Trees, Valentine and Tumbleweed are the areas planned for this mode.

Shooting and Team Shooting

From the classic: the one or those who get the most victims win the game.

It should be noted that the level of honor occupies an important place in Red Dead Online, which will obviously have an impact on the missions. For example, if you do many good deeds, individuals will ask for your services to escort a convoy, defend it from gang attacks or even other groups of players. On the other hand, an unfair outlaw will be offered to break out a prison bandit. The same is true in the “A land of opportunity” mode, which is played by two, three or four players, and which Rockstar Games will continue to develop. Here, we have to take part in a series of missions, some parts changing according to our honor gauge; all this to restore justice, truth, or simply to get revenge.

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