Red Dead Online’s Beta started today for the owners of the Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. (you can see the full release schedule here) If you’re one of them it’s likely you’ve already spent hours on it. That’s why we think it’s important for you to know that there’s a chance that your progress will be lost once the final version of this multiplayer component arrives.

In a statement, Rockstar explained that its intention is to maintain the progress players make in the Beta. However, he acknowledged that it is possible that there might be some problem that prevents that from being possible.

“We hope that the player’s progress during the initial beta period can be maintained over the long term. However, as with many other betas of great online experiences like this one, there is always the possibility that we will have to reset the level or other statistics because of some problem”.

Rockstar later explained that Red Dead Online is in Beta because it is still in development. So they’re taking advantage of it as a way to get feedback and be able to detect problems they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

“Our intention is to provide a stable and fun experience that, at the same time, allows us to get as much data and feedback as possible to help us constantly improve Red Dead Online. As with any beta, we’re going to take the time to make Red Dead Online a complete, entertaining and fully functional experience, which can take several weeks or even months of problem-solving, system enhancements and player feedback implementation in our current and future plans”.

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