Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2 rumors are fake

“My dad works at McDonalds” doesn’t really impress the gaming industry, apparently “a friend of mine is Environment Artist at Rockstar Games” does. A few days ago, this was a source from which we got rumors about Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, but as expected they don’t contain any truth.

The coverage of the rumours came through a user on Reddit who let us know that Rockstar is working on a remake of the original Red Dead Redemption. In addition, the sequel would receive downloadable content in which aliens would play a role.

Without any evidence, it was already quite clear that the information was made up, however, this same Reddit user now lets us know officially. In an extensive statement he calls it an experiment to spread rumors within a video game culture. He decided to use the references to aliens in Red Dead Redemption 2 to set up a rumor, in which the player would still be in the role of Arthur. In addition, he deliberately remained vague in order to build up the speculation. Next to this he decided to invent a rumor that the original would get a remake.

Although he had expected the story not to be picked up, a day later he opened his Reddit and had a huge list of notifications. He was surprised how a ‘bullshit rumour’ could be blown up in this way and decided to let it run its course for a few days. However, he realised that many gamers would have expectations and now thought it was time to make his invention known.

“And also that mass media is a powerful tool, over 70k people atleast have seen this fake leak that I wrote, and I’m glad that a majority of people saw through it! From now on the original leak will stay up unless the mods say otherwise but I will link this to clarify it was all fake! Thanks for listening!”

How do you feel about this subject? Did you believe it up till now, or did you see through it from the beginning? Let us know in the comments!

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