Red Dead Redemption

Return to Red Dead Online: Is the desert still empty?

Red Dead Redemption 2… What a fantastic game that was! We enjoyed the adventures of Arthur Morgan and his gang and after we finished the story we couldn’t wait to get started with the online world. After the success of GTA Online this simply couldn’t go wrong, could it? Yes, it could go terribly wrong. After we got a rather empty beta at first it took a long time before a bit of content came into the online version of the game, and this caused us to put the game aside… How do we look at the online cowboy world now, is there any improvement? Put on your cowboy hat and grab an ice-cold whiskey, as we dive back into Red Dead Online.

The silent desert of Red Dead

For many players, the disappointing Red Dead Online is quite frustrating. The online part of the original Red Dead Redemption was already great fun and GTA Online is of course great as well, so why is it going wrong here? There’s not much to do and it’s still not possible to just start a closed private deathmatch or anything like that with friends. In fact, you can’t even choose a specific mode to play, because you end up in a playlist with different game modes. Why is this still the case? We almost want to restart the original Red Dead Online.

What do you think of the current state of Red Dead Online? And what would you like to see improved? Let us know in the comments down below.

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