Rainbow Six Siege

Load your guns: Rainbow SIx Siege: Operation Grim Sky brings two new operators into the mix (Part 1)

Tuesday 4th of September, the Sky turns Grim as the new expansion hits the official Rainbow Six: Siege game servers. However, the player response is not so Grim and, in fact, would be considered as quite the opposite, as two teased operators and various desired game alignments have finally arrived at the official game servers – that is after being tested on the game’s Test server for weeks beforehand.

On the operators first: expert in mob behaviour Clash and exceptional in intelligence gathering Maverick join the fight. Two brand new playstyles under Rainbow’s Urban Tactical Response Team. The Attacking operator, Maverick, is a 3-speed 1-armour operator with a blowtorch that can pierce both soft and reinforced surfaces as well as basic and Castle barricades to create holes to peek through. As he himself would say:

“The devil’s in the details… that’s where you’ll find me” – Maverick

Even though Maverick is not the most effective at breaching holes, he falls strong on creating unexpected angles of attacking the opponent through walls that would previously be considered an effective blockade against Attackers. Careful though, as Maverick’s gadget is a double edged blade, as Defenders can return fire from holes created by the blowtorch. Now there’s the idea of breaching and going through reinforcements, though it takes time to do so and most of the limited fuel canisters Maverick has, not to mention that the Defenders can shoot while you’re out there creating… art? Also important to mention that the blowtorch has a limited range where, if exposed on Defenders, it deals small periodic damage – perfect for a glorious kill.

As for Clash, the British defensive operator brings something new to the mix; a full bodied shield. Whereas the previous patches had attackers as the only ones using shields and Montagne having complete cover by it, Clash aims for a change this aspect around. She is a 1-speed 3-armour operator with the ability to taze enemies whilst having her shield up to reduce their speed.

“Come closer, I dare you.” – Clash

Clash would be considered more of a supportive operator; that meaning that she is quite the distraction for attackers and a helper for her teammates to score kills. As with all shield operators, and particularly Clash, it is not recommended to look away or give them any indication that your weapon is not ready to fire, as a quick change in stance and from a shield to a gun pointed at their opponents is always possible. In addition to that, the inability to escape Clash by being zapped by herĀ  shield forces you to remain at a staring contest with her until she either misses a zap or her battery needs recharging; a time of which another one of her teammates could exploit to shoot from behind.

For further details on the characters’ loadouts and bio, visit Ubisoft’s site with the Grim Sky Patch notes here. Operation Grim Sky is now live, with the Year 3 Season Pass holders having the two new ops from launch whilst the rest of players can unlock them for 25000 renown.


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