All Valorant Agents have the same hitbox and other stats

Despite the fact that every Valorant Agent is unique with its own set of skills, they all receive an equal-sized hitbox, the same amount of life and other stats. Valorant developer Trevor “Classick” Romleski announced this yesterday in the Valorant Discord.

In recent days, more and more information about the new shooter from Riot Games has become known. For example, we were able to take a first look at the first few Agents. Although all these Agents have a unique appearance and skills, Classick has confirmed that they will also have a lot in common. For example, all Agents receive an equally large hit box and 100 HP.

This is in line with an earlier tweet from a Valorant developer. It emphasizes that shooting will be one of the most important aspects in Valorant. Skills are there to make a shot possible, or even impossible, and not to damage your opponent. That everyone is just as easy to hit and dies just as quickly is therefore only logical when there is as much emphasis as possible on shooting.

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