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Mythic+ Bug made reward chest give overpowered loot

Blizzard Entertainment has released the first major update for the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth MMO expansion. Not only did the new raid “Uldir” opened its doors, but also the dungeons on the level “Mythic+”, which are supposed to present especially hardcore players with tricky challenges. But already, a small but in the end serious bug has crept in, which has caused unrest within the community – at least on the US servers.

Those who had completed a dungeon at the “Mythical+” level in the last week of the Legion expansion were able to open their reward box last night. Some players found armor and weapons with an exaggeratedly high item level in it to their delight – in some cases, it went up to item level 415. Of course, this is well above the current average, and many players went furious.

Blizzard Entertainment reacted quite quickly to this bug. First, the team deactivated the corresponding boxes. A little later, they removed the items that had been mistakenly handed out from the inventories of the previously so lucky players (not anymore hewhew). In Europe, the problem didn’t even arise because of the time difference, as Blizzard deactivated the boxes with the update.

The Redditor /commandersteel wrote a nice summary of the bug which you can read here.

Did you get affected by this bug? Tell us in the comments!

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