World of Warcraft

Play Chinese WoW on EU/US Client!?

TLDR, just change the locale in the in the WTF folder to the following values.

SET textLocale “znCH”
SET agentUID “wow_znCH”

Then launch WoW using Wow.exe, not the BattleNet Client or the values will reset.

Now let’s go into the details. First we start off with a simple question. Do you love bread? If you answered yes to this trivial question then this guide is for you!

Many people seem to be unaware of this, and I was one of them until recently, but did you know you can play with the Chinese World of Warcraft graphics even you are on the EU/US client? Well, yes you can.

What is different with the Chinese version you say? One of the bigger differences are that most of the bones in the world will turn into bread. And for you health freaks, no it’s not whole grain bread, nor rye bread. It’s simple white bread to be specific.

No, undeads arms will not turn into baguettes for you to slap your foes, but they will be covered by actual skin which is something usually requested by the WoW Community.

undead world of warcraft
World of Warcraft Undead on the Chinese client

Why are bones such a big problem do you say? Well, a common thought is that in Chinese culture it’s viewed as something bad, like that it would relate to death. After doing some search I found an article from TechInAsia describing exactly why. There are many Chinese games actually showing bones. One example is Age of Wushu. Chinese government have a lot regulations and there is one saying:

Anything that violates China’s policy on religion by promoting cults or superstitions.

So basicially companies censor themself to avoid falling inside the trap of Chinese regulations.

Let’s get started with the guide

First locate your WTF folder. It’s located in the root folder of your World of Warcraft installation folder. Open this file with notepad  or your favorite text editor.

wtf folder wow

Now find the two lines:

SET textLocale “enUS”
SET agentUID “enUS”

And change the values to the following:

SET textLocale “znCH”
SET agentUID “wow_znCH”

These rows are usually at the top, but if you have problem finding them you can always use the search function in notepad (Ctrl + F).

wow file

After editing these lines, you should have something like this:

wow folder edited

Please also notice that launching WoW from the BattleNet client will reset these values. Therefore make sure you launch WoW from Wow.exe.

Now you can enjoy the Chinese graphics!

Here are some more interesting differences:

wow gravestone
Corpses are no longer skeletons. You’ll magicially transform into a tomb on death.
wow noggenfrogger effect
Noggenfrogger will not turn you into a skeleton, but instead into a handsome looking undead.
Onyxia from Blackwing Descent
Onyxia from Blackwing Descent looks like the original model
talking skull scholomance
The Talking Skull in Scholomance should be renamed to Talking Wheat Sack.
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