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World of Warcraft: Classic – Trial available with Virtual Ticket

BlizzCon in early November is just around the corner, and as some of you guys already heard, ordering the Blizzcon Virtual ticket will give you access to the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic.

The MMORPG World of Warcraft has been on the go for many years now, and Blizzard Entertainment would like to let nostalgics among you return to the good old days of the game. That’s why World of Warcraft Classic was announced, and a first playable demo will be available at BlizzCon.

The trial version will be available to both BlizzCon visitors and virtual ticket purchasers, so even if you’re watching the event from home, you can still get the World of Warcraft Classic demo.

What’s in the trial version of the vanilla version of the MMORPG? According to Blizzard, the demo includes two zones, one for the Horde and one for the Alliance. Horde players will be able to play outside the Barrens, while Alliance players will be able to go to Westfall. Dungeons like the Deadmines or the Wailing Caverns are not available in the demo, but you can engage in PvP combat in the open world.

Demo players start at level 15 and will be able to bring their characters up to level 19. In addition, Blizzard has also added a time limit so that game sessions will only be possible on a limited basis. However, the progress you make during this time will be saved for your next login, whenever that may be.

There is no limit to the number of characters you can create as part of the demo, and you can choose between the known classes. Since World of Warcraft Classic also uses a connection, your friend lists will be available for chats right from the start.

Keep to date with more news about the classic release of this successful game in our World of Warcraft section.

Click here to see the schedule for this years Blizzcon!

Are you excited about going back to vanilla? Do you have any crazy or interesting stories to tell us from the “back in the days”? We are excited to hear about that! Leave a comment down below!

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