A Twitch Bot Monitors PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Stock

Twitch user Cam Blitz has been streaming non-stop, only showing a Streetmerchant feed that details the stock availability of the new-gen consoles that disappear ever so quickly.

Most of the time, the feed just shows that the consoles are still out of stock, yet on rare occasions, some viewers do get lucky. Pre-orders have actually went back up for the PS5, but people have been more eager to get their hands on the Xbox Series X instead. The latter has been crashing websites, with the PS5’s only noteworthy news is with the console unit being stolen by Amazon drivers.

PS5 bugs and Xbox Series X problems have plagued the console launches

Scalpers are definitely having the time of their lives, as they push the Sony next-gen console with a profit ranging from $100 to $5000. Wild times are up ahead indeed.

Have you been able to cop yourself a console recently? Or are you still eagerly waiting for a proper re-stock? Let us know in the comments section below!

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