Amazon Made A Boo-Boo on Xbox Series X Pre-Orders

This console war definitely made up for some curious news, with Xbox following suit to Playstation regarding Amazon pre-orders. I mean, everybody hates delays, but sometimes it just really happens.

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Demand is indeed high and the stocks are ultimately limited, and you can see that all retailers are more or less suffering from the same causes. But for the case of Amazon, it’s funny how they got fucked for both the consoles. Here’s a copy of the e-mail below:

Amazon pre-orders potentially delayed : xbox

The warning only stood out for the Xbox Series X, as it is unclear if the same issue would ensue for the Xbox Series S. Sure enough, it’s a problem for the Playstation 5, too. Good luck with that, Sony.

Amazon XSX's may be delayed... : xboxone

Jeff Bezos can’t do anything about this apparently, despite being one of the world’s top product selling and delivery service. This warning easily shows how this pre-order stint has been affecting everyone, and we’re not so sure if this is a COVID-19 quarantine issue or just a bleak mismanagement on the console company’s part. Yeesh.

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Did you get the same e-mail too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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