Bethesda Bosses Talk About Xbox Acquisition

The XeniMax buy out of Microsoft has surely gotten more stellar reviews than negative ones, showing how people know when to trust a company. This is far unlike all those times that Disney bought Marvel, Lucasfilms, and 20th Century Fox, as the general masses are more happy about Bethesda getting closer with Xbox, one of the industry’s console giants.

There is much to unfold here for the time being, but the most important thing to check out would be some statement s from Bethesda’s bosses, Pete Hines and Todd Howard.

Bethesda's Todd Howard inducted into game academy's Hall of Fame |  VentureBeat

The entire agreement had put the people of Bethesda Softworks to work with Xbox Gaming Studios, and everyone else couldn’t be more happy about it. In a quick podcast interview with Xbox dudes Larry Hyrb and Phil Spencer, Pete and Todd opens up on what led to the closing of the deals.

Bethesda's library will come to Xbox Game Pass on console and PC | Shacknews

Hines actually quipped that the decision was easy since both companies share similar ideas and visions, and at the end of the day it all about the relationships built as Howard says it. The full podcast can actually be streamed and accessed below, as there are more easter eggs to it than you may actually think:

Are you happy with this deal too? Would you want the same to happen for Sega? Let us know in the comments section below!

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