Emulate PS2 Games on the Xbox Series X

If you miss the classics from your Playstation 2 and is far from being annoyed for the PS5’s limited backwards compatibility, the Xbox Series X has got your back. Weirdly enough, the PS5 can only do so much as let you play several PS4 titles on a subscription basis to the Playstation Plus Collection. Make Xbox different, as a little boo-boo on it’s Developer Mode lets you play PS2 games thanks to RetroArch and the PCXS2.

This is weird. How does the Xbox app pick up the PS2 emulator?: pcmasterrace

The Developer Mode in the Xbox Series X and Series S takes the emulator as a Universal Windows Application, letting you play all the nostalgic games you want in the comfort of a new-gen console. Suck on that, Sony!

As the entire system isn’t exactly foolproof and well-polished, it’s not particularly all that legal either. As the PS2 emulator technically dwells on the realm of piracy and the gray area of open source software, the only important thing here that we can highlight is the fact that it works. RetroArch is key here, with a little tinkering that goes a very long way. More on that in the video above.

RetroArch 1.7.2 - New display options in XMB interface! - YouTube

What RetroArch promotes is to be the last emulator you’ll ever need, allowing several games of the past to be easily accessed and played through this one particular software. Things are looking bright so far and the next-gen console creators are yet to take action, that is unless, they don’t.

What do you think of playing the games of your childhood on next gen consoles? Let us know in the comments section below!

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