Football Manager 2021 Available Again on Xbox

Sports fans, rejoice! One of your old favourites is now back after quite a long wait. After roughly 13 years, Football Manager 2021 is now back on Xbox, set to release on November 24 and is playable on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

This nice game has an undeniable impact and following, and we all couldn’t help but just rejoice for it’s return. It’s actually a Play Anywhere digital title now, as it would also come to the PC and the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to SEGA, it’s now all possible and it’s actually furthering the hype of Microsoft’s much-awaited buy out.

Football Manager returns to Xbox as FM21 release date announced |

Pre-ordering the game on Steam or Epic Games entitles you to a 2-week early access along with a much desired 10% discount. What a tasty treat from SEGA indeed.

Thanks to the Play Anywhere function of this game, one purchase could easily have you playing this on your Xbox One, PC, or Xbox Series consoles with cloud saving included. There is much more to come, including several game improvements that give gamers more control over their teams such as the Sports Interactive function that everyone should totally look out for!

Are you just as hyped as we are? Let us know in the comments section below!

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