Is this the Xbox Series S|X best feature?

The newest Quick Resume feature of the Xbox is one of the most convenient features ever. But it may be more convenient than what we initially thought. 

Gaming journalist Alana Pearce had the chance to test the Series X. She discovered that the Quick Resume function works even if you unplug the console.

Its perfect for busy people who cant play for long hours.

Imagine getting home after a long day. You sit  in your couch, you pick up your controller and turn on your Xbox. You load your game and it resumes exactly where you last left it. Perfect.

With the Series X’s SSD and ultra fast loading times, you can easily resume not just one, but multiple games. Switching games will be fast and easy.

Microsoft will also be releasing its biggest launch day games lineup when the Xbox Series launches on November 10.

Backwards compatibility is also a great feature of the Series X|S. Combining all these, Microsoft hopes to draw fans old and new to come to the green side. The game prices, ease of use, and convenience is a huge factor to consider if you’re choosing between the 2 console giants.

Are you excited for the Xbox Series Quick Resume?

Let us know in the comments!

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