Microsoft JUST MIGHT buy Sega – The Rumor Ensues

This one has been circulating the rumour mill for quite some time now, and finally the conspiracies are somehow getting some fruition. I, for one, wouldn’t be so mad to have our lightning fast, blue ball have it’s own powerful debut with Microsft. That’s honestly well-deserved.

The dudes above seem to be on the same page with me, as we all want our beloved Sega classics be given the spotlight they rightfully deserve. Ever since the Zenimax buy out that had put Bethesda Studios, Arkane Studios, and id Software in the hands of Microsoft, people have been more than positive to have the company also save Sega from its rather flatlining tenure. A glimmer of hope stood from this official tweet of Xbox:

This “Shock Blue” color reference has been driving people insane with their references to the blue speedster, and this tweet from Sega’s official account hasn’t been helping as well.

Call the referencing a long shot all you want, but that’s how conspiracy theories are made, am I right? With the entire buy out being a gamer’s dream for 20 years in the making, this could just be Microsoft’s ticket into a stronger fort against the Japanese Market. Do note that it’s last release, the Xbox One, did poorly in comparison as it placed last against Japanese gaming giants Sony (for the Playstation 4) and Nintendo (for the Nintendo Switch). So could this tag-team just be it?

Microsoft Quashes Rumors About Acquiring SEGA For Now | Game Rant

People have been eyeing the Tokyo Game Show 2020 and Xbox crossover to have this wonderful news be delivered. But would it actually happen? Truth be told, what’s in it for Sega?

So, are you on the same page as us too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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