Microsoft Promises Fix For Xbox Series X Controller

Analog drifts aside, Xbox Series X controllers face an isolated problem of their own. That is, they can’t seem to work wirelessly as the aforementioned controller keeps on disconnecting out of nowhere. A Microsoft forum thread titled “XBOX Series X Controller keeps disconnecting,” is at large over at their website right now, with a lot of users complaining on how their controllers just aren’t letting them play.

Microsoft Addresses Xbox Series X/S Controllers Disconnecting

Luckily enough, Microsoft had taken notice of the issue fast, promising tangible results and fixes as soon as they can put them out. The most obnoxious thing about the problem is that the controller connects and disconnects on it’s own accord, and it’s currently happening to a lot of units as of speaking.

Microsoft working to fix annoying Xbox Series X controller glitch | Tom's  Guide

To give you numbers, the “I have the same question” counter is currently at 1,772 at the time of publishing.

Have you experienced the same problem too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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