Microsoft Working on Quick Resume and Cross-Gen Issues On Xbox Series X|S

Director of program management Jim Ronald has given light with several issues regarding the Xbox Series S|X, specifically the problems on cross-gen compatibility and the quick resume option.

Xbox Series S Quick Resume Feature Is A Game-Changer In This Demo Video |  HotHardware

As it is pretty normal for the next-gen console to have several problems upon its release, thankfully enough the crucial ones have arisen in the first month and the manufacturers have taken notice early on to provide a quick fix. The first problem was with the quick resume option, which was supposed to let players pause any game at any time as needed. It may have worked for some games but not all, rendering the feature to be rather unused due to it’s instability.

For the cross-gen issues, well, this is what the developers had to say:

“There’s different kinds of issues that can come up as developers are starting to learn and take advantage of this platform. In some cases, they’re just simply bugs in the titles – and we’ve partnered very closely with them, and the developers will go in and fix those bugs because they’re just as committed to delivering that premium experience as we are. In other cases, it’s learning how to use this next-generation platform.”

That’s fair enough I guess. Logistically speaking, the COVID-19 pandemic has not made it easy for anyone to work through this platform but at least they’re doing something.

In the podcast above, they even revealed that the work on quick resume has been long and arduous, as compatibility would require for them to go through the code of each and every game out on the console. It’s a time-consuming and annoying process, but it’s a safer way to approach the situation.

What do you think of Microsoft’s dealing with the issues? Let us know in the comments section below.

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