Microsoft Xbox Series X can continue games even after restart

Microsoft recently released various details about the Xbox Series X. Including that games can continue even after a restart.

The important things in short:

  • Xbox Series X can continue to play games after a restart or system update.
  • This was only possible to a limited extent with previous Microsoft consoles.

Microsoft has just released a wealth of new information on the Xbox Series X. This also specified the console’s graphics performance.

Now another new detail on the technical subtleties of the console has emerged. Games can obviously continue after the device has been restarted. This has been confirmed by Microsoft’s gaming director Phil Spencer.

However, this functionality is by no means new. So far, games could be continued even if the device was put into standby mode. Games could only be continued if the console was switched off or put into energy-saving mode.

Xbox Series X removes previous restrictions

Exactly these restrictions are to be removed with the Xbox Series X. Games can be continued not only after a restart, but also after, for example, a system update of the console.

It is still unclear whether games can be continued after the device has been put into energy-saving mode – but it is likely.

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