New Xbox Expansion SSD Pre-Order and Price – NOW LIVE

If you’re looking too far into the future and you know deep in your heart that you need more room for storage, it’s time to get yourself one now. As long as you haven’t mistakenly pre-ordered yourself an Xbox One X again, it’s about time that you get yourself an expansion SSD that will arrive upon the release of the Series X and Series S.

Xbox Series X Requires Proprietary Cards To Expand Its Storage - GameSpot

It’s a perfect addition to any Series S order, knowing that you won’t be getting as much space as you would from purchasing a Series X. These custom NVMe SSDs that are actually in a direct line to the CPU through PCIe 4.0 technology. This means speeds at 2.4GB/s uncompressed and twice as that when compressed. That’s 40 times faster than the Xbox One X, but it also comes at quite a staggering price.

Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card revealed, promises performance match  with internal SSD | Windows Central

The 1TB expansion is nearly the cost of a brand new Xbox Series S, sitting at $220 if you get it now from Best Buy. The price is kicked way up due to proprietary dues of Microsoft on the technology and hardware, along with the fact that NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSDs are just generally expensive in the market right now. It’s a true power move, but the real quesdtion her is, would it actually hold?

Seagate's Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card site is now live -  MSPoweruser

Are you getting yourself one of these? What did you tell yourself to ease the more than apparent financial backlog this thing got you into? Let us know in the comments section below!

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