Phil Spencer ADMITS Playing Xbox Series S During Meetings

It seems as if no one can refuse the charm of the next gen Xbox consoles, not even their head executive. Phil Spencer truly had managed to power through the releases of the Xbox Series X and Series S, even despite the COVID-19 ramblings and the general stock issue.

Phil Spencer says Xbox Series X/S didn't need a system seller at launch |  VGC

The head honcho seems to be more level headed and less stressed than we all think, proving how he’s super capable of keeping things together despite a shitstorm brewing all around. The workings prove to be quite trivial among Microsoft and Xbox fans alike. His secret – video games.

Last One at the Table: Phil Spencer on Inheriting Xbox One and Launching  Xbox Series X | Shacknews

Xbox Head exec admits in a podcast that he does manage to sneak in a sly amount of Xbox Series S gaming in between meetings, with the console at the 2nd HDMI port and Spencer switching in between Zoom and the Xbox console.

He even goes so far as to tell all listeners that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should never know of this! With 2021 looking great for Microsoft and the Xbox (especially with the Bethesda inclusion), Halo Infinite, DOOM, and Fallout (and maybe Elder Scrolls?) prove to be quite highly anticipated in making a 2021 release.

Would you do the same as Phil Spencer would? Let us know in the comments section below!

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