Scalper CrepChiefNotify Moved From PS5 to the Xbox Series X

Asinine scalpers CrepChiefNotify is more than proud (and without a hint of regret) to move onto scalping Xbox Series X consoles for the upcoming restock. Just after confirming their acquisition of over 3,500 units of the PS5 that they’re planning to resell at about 100 pounds more, they have recently divulged that they have also gotten themselves 1,000 units of the Xbox Series X.

A spokesperson from the CrepChiefNotify team had admitted that they have maximized a technical error from a UK retailers website, allowing for them to secure some orders of the Xbox Series X and the PS5 even though it wasn’t still up and ready to be sold. Retailer Very caught wind of this bullshit, successfully managing to cancel the very orders the team of scalpers have placed.

The scalpers never seem to be sorry, as they have told that it “puts food on the table” for the people of it’s team. They don’t mind if your kid doesn’t get the next-gen console in time for the holidays, they reason out that some other kids actually get nothing at all. Bastards. Thank God they got cockblocked this time.

The sad news is, they’re not a particularly isolated case when it comes to flipping off these consoles at inflated rates. When you check eBay, you’d see that they’re not alone. The others are just doing it at a smaller scale and are not particularly proud of their dishonest work. Amazon drivers aside, this issue seems to be bigger than it seems, with everyone having some sort of hope for Sony and Microsoft to take proper action for this injustice to not proceed.

What do you think of scalping next-gen consoles? Would you care? Let us know in the comments section below!

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